Keziah Dobson
  ( 1848 - 1911 )
       Wife of
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith
   ( 1844 - 1918 ).
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William Ellsworth Kester And his wife Carrie Jane Smith.
William was the son of  Jason and Sarah Minerva ( Porter ) Kester.
Carrie is the daughter of James Henry and Keziah ( Dobson ) Smith.
Jason Kester.
Sarah Minerva ( Porter ) Kester
wife of Jason Kester.
The above photographs are in a hinged frame and were carried by Jason during his service in the civil war.
These photographs were taken about 1863.
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Sarah K.B. Taylor
1823 - 1909
Wife of
Thomas Dobson
Thomas Dobson
1819 - 1878